About Us

We produce a selection of elegant looking permanent signs that are suitable for gardens ranging from large arboretums to intimate home flower beds to commercial orchards. Our signs are custom laser engraved and can be supplied in a variety of sizes, fonts and presentation holders. We have a line of “standard products” that we can economically produce plus we have sheet metal and plastic fabrication capability. We are happy to work with you on special signs that you have designed. Company peronnel have a background in horticulture, botanical nomenclature and engineering.

In our gardens, we have planted more than 1,000 varieties of Hosta plus hundreds of varieties of day lilies, astilbe, lilies, etc. The number of varieties has exceeded our ability to recall their names so many of our plants that were not properly labeled are now just another attractive plant. We have purchased a number of commonly available plant labels but find that they fade in the sun, become brittle and break with time, are easily displaced during fall and spring cleanup, do not give a very attractive appearance in the landscape or are to expensive. In addition they may fail to display the information that we wish to remember and present to our garden guests.

To overcome these shortcomings we began an engineering study on a large number of materials to select a permanent marker that is attractive and can be produced at a modest price. We have designed display-type signs that are easy to customize with your desired information while using materials that have been tested and used in outdoor applications requiring many years of attractive stable service.