Engraved 6 x 1 inch metal stake

Engraved 6 x 1 inch metal stake

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To order our best selling custom engraved 6 inch long by 1 inch wide metal stakes. This stake can take one line of a large font of engraving with up to 45 letter spaces, with each empty space and each punctuation mark counting as one letter unit. If you limit the number of letters to 26 or less this will allow us to use a larger 24 point font; or with two lines of texts a medium sized font is used, or three lines text with a small font.

Coreopsis tinctoria 'Dwarf Red'
has 31 letters.

The engraved font size used for this stake is large enough that the stakes can be read from a few feet away. They will last for many years under even extreme climate conditions. The stakes are black with beige-white backs. The backs can be marked with a nursery marker also.